Kurai Crop Spraying Drones for Africa

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Solutions for Africa

Samuel Mathekga and Clive Mathe met at university where they were studying aeronautics. Fast forward a few years, the two entrepreneurial minds have put their creativity together to provide a set of solutions for the real needs of predominately women owned and run farms in Africa. 


With a grant from the SAB Social Innovation Awards, and a deep appreciation for the practical needs of the farming community, Mathekga and Mathe have combined technologies and insights to provide a unique service that is needed to protect food security in the region as well as help to alleviate poverty. 

Their drone is designed to deliver crop spraying products for small farms, removing the need for expensive small aero-planes, with a dedicated pilot, to deliver the same. The crop spraying can increase yields on the farms by 60% increasing not only the food for the farmer and her family, but also leaving some aside for sale to increase household income. And then, appreciating the restrictions of capital requirements, the crop spraying drone is used by a group of farmers on a pay-for-service basis so that individuals do not need to purchase a single drone themselves, and the device is not left unused for long periods of time. 

Responding to requests from farmers, and looking to improve their service even more, the drone can also be equipped with cameras to give farmers an arial view of their spread, as well as sensors to collect data to provide insight into local conditions. 

Mathekga and Mathe are using their award from SAB to explore more opportunities and to pilot the project further.

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