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More than a motivational thinking exercise, our futures are crafted by the decisions and preparations we make. This site contains podcasts and posts covering a range of futures thinking or strategic foresight stories or deep dives, to help you prepare for your preferred future.


Charlotte Kemp, futurist, author and keynote speaker, hosts podcast interviews with people around the world on similar topics, and then takes that research to demonstrate how we approach our challenges and craft our futures from different perspectives.

Futures Facets

Seen through the lenses of different geography and topic areas, Charlotte Kemp explores critical futures issues or change drivers with people around the world, from her home in Cape Town, South Africa, through Namibia and Kenya, to the United Kingdom, Canada and Singapore.

Other Podcasts

To demonstrate the range of thinking available, and access the help that you need for your organisation, a number of other futurists’ podcasts are shared here.


Read and listen to Charlotte Kemp’s latest podcast posts here.

Having a Global Mindset

Having a Global Mindset

Having a Global Mindset Jonathan Low Jonathan Low has taken his experience of years in the hospitality industry and allowed it to influence his contribution to and leadership of, first the Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers and then the presidency of the...

Ethics for the Future

Ethics for the Future

Ethics for the Future Ray de Villiers Ray de Villiers is an interesting futurist, focussing on the future of work and riding the conversations between technological developments and the human element. In this conversation, we talk about the 5th Industrial Revolution...

Passing the Leadership Baton

Passing the Leadership Baton

Passing the Leadership Baton Tsitsi MutendiWe often speak of passing the baton in leadership, but Tsitsi Mutendi takes this analogy to a new level, giving us insight into some of the problems in both association leadership as well as family-owned businesses. Tsitsi is...