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The South African Communications Industries Association

Kevan Jones is the Executive Director of SACIA, a federation representing a number of related industry bodies. This pooling of resources for related bodies is the first example of the collaborative mindset behind the work that Kevan Jones does.

As this conversation took place during South Africa’s highest level of lock down in reaction to the COVID19 pandemic, we naturally discussed ways in which the pandemic was affecting association bodies, association leaders and the members of various industry bodies.

Kevan also talked about the 4 areas where associations can earn income: member dues, conferences, training and certifications, and how each of those are being affected by the current economic uncertainties and restrictions.

We explored a few ways that associations can take care of their members at the moment, as well as the expectation that members, and non-members in an industry, have of the industry body.

On Certifications and Designations

We discussed industry certifications and designations. This is Kevan’s take on the topic.


What do you need to do as an individual to make yourself as employable as possible?

A professional designation signifies your commitment to excellence, it reflects your commitment to continuing professional development, and it asserts that you have a commitment to ethical business practices in your industry sector.

If you have a professional designation that does those things, you are more likely to get a job either as a full time employee or as a freelance contractor.

So I see certification as something that is critical for people during this lockdown.


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SA Events Council

Kevan also indicated that SACIA was part of a coalition of associations, to pool resources in terms of their interests.

The Association of African Exhibition Organisers (AAXO), Exhibition and Event Association of Southern Africa (EXSA), Southern African Association for the Conference Industry (SAACI), South African Communications Industry Association (SACIA), Technical Production & Services Association (TPSA), Event Safety Council (ESC) and Council of Event Professionals Africa (CEPA) are part of the new SA Events Council, an umbrella association to represent their collective interests.

I was very encouraged by this conversation, seeing the level of collaboration available within an industry sector and new opportunities afforded by working together.

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Futures Facets

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