The Confidence Crusader – Abigail Klopper

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The Power, Art and Purpose of Confidence

Abigail Klopper teaches us about confidence!  

The Confidence Crusader provides an absolute master class in developing confidence in this podcast, and it rates as one of my favourite interviews.

Through her years in photography, talking with women while taking their portraits, Abigail has learned how to communicate confidence and to draw it out from them. The Confidence Crusader will encourage you. And should you want some stunning photos taken, check our her website and her packages. (No I don’t get commission on this, I just think she is amazing.)

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Abigail Interviewed Me

Hear Abgail interview me on her Caffinate vlog in 2020. We had a fun time seeing what her wheel of questions would generate as I spoke about my own futures work and revealed some strange personal things about myself.

Future Focussed Business

Businesses survive and thrive when they take a future focussed perspective and pay attention to changes in the landscape. Future Focussed Business was a podcast show hosted by Charlotte Kemp on Hashtag Radio. It has been replaced with Futures Facets.

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